Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Side Order of Brick Dust Anyone?

Living in a building site has its challenges, and for anyone thinking of doing the same, I have one piece of advice DONT. I honestly thought that if we moved in with it half built it would give us the push to finish. OH how stupid was I, in fact it seems to have had the reverse affect.

When we had to make the effort to come up and do stuff, there was a plan, we knew what we had to do, and stuff got done. Now, other things get in the way, if it isn't work (need to earn money) school runs (they need an education) cooking meals (I need to feed them) or just generally everyday life!

Don't get me wrong it is moving in the right direction, but just slowly......very slowly......Now many things I can tolerate, including the walk to the bathroom outside, as we haven't had our bedroom attached tot he rest of the house yet! However, the brick dust is doing my head in, mainly as I am a little OCD about mess.

So, I find myself sweeping he floors at least 30 times a day, and I even mopped the other day. This caused hubby to laugh, but as I pointed out for at least five minutes that part of the build was clean! The stupid texts are another thing that are doing my head in, if one more person asks "is it finished now" I am going to scream.

Rome wasn't built in a day......and neither is my house as we have limited time, and limited budget. However, I look around and think WOW, we have achieved a lot, and best of all we did this! Up until recently I was still pondering whether I had made the right decision.......but after the little attack from my ex landlady on FB the other day (story for another day) I now have no doubts at all!

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