Monday, 17 February 2014

Just Not Enough Buckets!

I was warned there was a storm fast approaching, I hoped that the weathermen had got it wrong as they had so many times before. However, this time they were right. When we moved we were convinced that even without all walls in place we were water tight.

Oh, how wrong we were!, and for Mrs B in the UK, who told me to hush and look at what they are going through, I would hope that those people were not insane enough to be in a goat shed in the middle of a field during a storm. The rain started heavily at 5am and we begun to notice leaks, so buckets were grabbed, then more leaks caused more buckets, and eventually we run out of buckets.

You can guarantee that alongside the rain there was going to be wind, so we tried as best we could to keep everything dry. Alongside us there is the mini zoo that has to be checked on, and kept fed, warm and dry. It was going to be a long day, and an even longer night.

Everything was going ok, until the rain got into the electrics, and then the power went! Now if you recall I am not good in the dark, so candles had to be found....So, there was me, the cats and the dogs in a pitch dark room, which was getting colder by the minute, anticipating when the roof was going to blow off.

Eventually I decided that the best place for me and the sick cat was in bed, under the duvet, praying to god that we had some sort of house when I awoke the next day!

Thank you to Mrs K for the offer of heaters, and the messages to check we were ok, and alive...and thanks to the BFF who supported me through the storm by taking the p**s and reminding me that I was the one who bought a half built goat shed in the middle of a field during the worst winter in history......yeah thanks for that!

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