Sunday, 23 February 2014


Well just like buses they come along when you lease expect them, yes we have babies, something that I didnt need for the moment. Cleaning bunny corner out I saw the straw move, not at this moment I always think it could be a rat, or a snake, or something equally as scary, but in fact it was a bundle of newly born bunnies.

They were dark, which means after at least 10 attempts finally Nicole has worked out that she has to look after her bunnies or they will die. There are loads, which again is a miracle where Nicole is concerned, but hey give the rabbit a chance she has only been attempting this motherhood thing for months.

So, more mouths to feed, more bunnies to sell, good thing I suppose, and it is nice to see something being born here. new start, new life and all that...well sounded good!

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