Wednesday, 5 February 2014

We have Finally Moved!

This must be the longest move in history, as we begun in November, but finally we have moved the last box. Moving is never nice as you see your home being stripped of everything that made it home. However, it also provides the opportunity for fresh beginnings, and new adventures!

As I stood in the drive of Casa Chaos I reflected on the last two years, and thanked the place for helping me to grow and become stronger. It no longer felt like home, and to be honest hadn't since the "leaf" incident......(some will remember)

So, onwards and upwards as they say and now to climb over the boxes, head for the kettle and begin work. I am currently living in a building site, where everything tastes of brick dust, if we have water for more than an hour it is a miracle, and it is freezing, oh that might be due to having no walls!

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