Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Chasing Chickens

Chasing chickens is never a task that I enjoy, mainly as they tend to be able to turn on 180 degrees and run in the opposite direction far faster than me. Now people say that chickens are stupid, and yes many are, but some are devious. I am sure they love seeing us running around, flapping our arms trying to encourage them into the corner.

I have at least ten chickens left to catch so they can moved, but will they let me near them....nope! So, in my wisdom I thought I would borrow a net, a huge net, a lot like the child catchers net!

Off I ventured into the orchard, net in hand ready to catch them all.....PAH they saw the net freaked even more than usual and run off. I need a plan D...yes I have exhausted A, B and C.

Ok, three days 10 chickens and one huge net how hard can this be, harder than anyone would imagine! 

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