Monday, 13 January 2014

Mixed Emotions

Alongside having no time to do anything at the moment, I have days when I am incredibly happy and other days when I am so sad. Now either I am going through the menopause, which I am hoping is not happening just yet or I am human after all!

Although I am so happy about the new finca, the possibilities, the potential, and everything it will bring, I am sad to be leaving the safety, security and warmth of Casa Chaos. I have learnt so much about my self in the last few years, and also learnt so much about everything!

As they say all good things come to an end, and I think I could deal with it better it everyone didn't seem so happy to see me go!! Ok, the neighbours aren't dancing in the streets, but they also do not seem bothered about my departure. People only seem interested in when I am going so they can move in, and other people are concerned about their mango sales.

As you can tell I am having a sad day, where I will wander round the empty rooms, and reflect on my life. However, it won't take me long to bounce back, as the sun is shining, the chickens are laying and the views in the new finca are amazing!

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