Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Starting Again

Every day when I have to build something at the new finca, it feels as if we are starting again at ground zero. When we arrived at Casa Chaos everything was here, we simply adapted or added to the existing infrastructure. It is so much harder when you have nothing to begin with.

So, far we have neglected building our own house to ensure that the chickens had somewhere to live. The concept is that the animals cannot be moved until they can all be housed. This is a huge task, and one that is taking its toll daily on everyone. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and for once it is not a train heading for me.

Slowly things are coming together, the chicken area is complete, and we have eggs woohoo! The dog pens are slowly getting built, the duck house is 99% finished, and the pond has begun to be dug. Even blocks are being laid for the house, so we may actually have walls and a roof before we move.

As usual a huge proportion of this work is falling at my husbands feet, and although I say it often, I do not say it enough he is amazing. On very little sleep and too much work he is achieving the impossible. We are determined to make the new place incredible, a home for the rest of our lives, now all we need is a name for the new finca....

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  1. How about calling it hope farm, as you are giving a lot of hope to a lot af animals in need ;-)