Monday, 6 January 2014


The whole family are huge believers in recycling, which is excellent to see, and even the kids make an effort to ensure that everything we can is recycled. This enthusiasm often spills over into larger things, and my kids consider if something isn't on someone's property they can recycle it.

Now some may say this is not recycling, however, as the Wombles claimed, "Make good use of bad rubbish" that is exactly what we are doing! So, alongside recycling the other favourite phrase in our lives is Wombling. I can often be found sending my children off to womble, in a similar way to Fagin in Oliver!

Building materials are an item that we womble often, and if we see something laying around, it typically ends up being thrown in the back of the car. So, when I was in the new kennels yesterday peering down the sheer drop that is the mountain behind us and spotted some wood I got excited. 

My daughter refused to climb down and get the wood, with some pathetic excuse of endangering her life...or something similar. However, the offer of 5€ to go and get the wood, made my son move the fastest I have seen him move all year. Within a short space of time, he was down the mountain, manoeuvring like a mountain goat!

After finding numerous other items, such as gutters, metal, fencing, oh and some goat skulls (don't ask) he had the wood, and was passing t back up to us. Another successful wombling mission completed.....and just to be clear no child was harmed or injured during this recycling episode! 

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