Saturday, 18 January 2014

Packing Hell

"I really love packing up my life and moving" those words have never been said in the history of the world!! I am in packing hell, and although I believed that stretching the move out over a longer period of time would be calmer, it is in fact far more stressful!

I have found that once the decision to move has been made, the first thing that people do is remove the art from the walls. This is some form of symbolic gesture of transitioning from one home to another. Some people think that the packing should be done at the last moment, but for me I have to pack at least one box a day.

This is partly due to the amount of Crap we seem to have accumulated, and also to ensure that when we get to the day of moving I do not have a caffeine fueled mad dash to finish. Although living in brown box hell is not attractive, as nothing looks worse than your life in cardboard boxes.

So, attempting to be organised I have packed a vast majority of items, and many have already been moved to the new place. This means I infact have two homes full of brown cardboard boxes! As the moving date fast approaches, I am attempting to remain calm, but I do warn people to approach with caution as the smallest thing can set me off at the moment!

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  1. Hope the move goes well for you and your family and all the animals. I hope you will be posting pictures when you have time.