Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bunny Corner is Complete

I was showing some pictures of our madness AKA our new home last night to a friend, and she laughed and said that the animals had more of a home than us! The problem is they really do, but if you own animals you will know how vital is it that they are settled.

Our priority was to ensure that all of the animals had their living space first, which means that the chicken area is finished, the duck pond is nearly dug (only another three million wheelbarrow loads to go) and bunny corner is finished. The one thing I have learnt from Casa Chaos is what not to repeat again.

We made so many mistakes that I am determined to cut this number down in the new finca (still unnamed!) I am not going to lie and claim that I will make none, but just cutting the number down would be good. Therefore, bunny corner is huge, and allows them all to have space.

So, the rabbits are now living in their new accommodation, and if all else fails and I do not have walls and a roof in 10 days, I will simply move in with the rabbits!

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