Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I Like to Burn Stuff!

Why is is so satisfying to set fire to things, and before you all worry I do not mean in some arsonist style way! Whether it be a campfire, or a bonfire there is something incredibly satisfying about setting fire to rubbish. I can stand for ages watching everything burn, and find the whole process rather relaxing, yes I know I am strange!

Although I am all for recycling, there comes a stage on all fincas when a burn pile is needed. It typically consists of everything that is really on its last use, feed sacks, old wood, rubbish etc. I have a bad habit though of throwing everything on there, ooops toxic smoke time!

So, at the new finca there was a lot of rubbish, in fact years and years of lets say crap. Therefore, a burn pile was needed, and we added to it, and added to it until Guy Fawkes would have been proud to sit on the top. Eventually it became a mountain rather than a pile, and it was time to light it.

Again nothing is done discreetly in our lives, so rather than one small  match on a bit of paper, large quantities of accelerator were used. This always creates a spectacular effect, and  thankfully no eyebrows were lost....this time!! As I stand and watch the flames, I think back to something someone once told me about fires.

It is believed that the appeal of fires is due to the warmth, distinctive smell and flickering light. They provide a way to reconnect to our ancestors, as they would have provided heat, warded off predators, and facilitated cooking! yeah right I just like to watch things burn!

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