Saturday, 28 December 2013

Peacock for Christmas Dinner!

There are many words in the Spanish language that sound similar to others, and these typically ensure that moments of embarrassment are reached. This is especially true when the accent is stronger, or I am tired, or I just cannot be bothered to listen.

Yesterday, we were having a conversation with a Spanish guy, who had an incredibly strong accent, so it took all my listening powers to keep up. He was talking about cheap animals, and where I could get chickens, pigs and what I thought he said was Pavo, which is turkeys.

I commented that we had considered getting these before, but yet again it was now the wrong time of year. He looked puzzled, and asked why it was the wrong time of year. I pointed out that typically they were only eaten at Christmas time, and he looked really shocked.

The guy carried on the conversation looking puzzled, and was really curious as to why we ate these birds. I still had no idea that we were in fact talking about two different birds. He had actually said Pavo Real, which is a peacock. No bloody wonder he thought I was crazy, and roasting peacocks for Christmas dinner.

Eventually it came out that we were in fact speaking about two different birds, he looked relieved, and I felt stupid AGAIN. This was not the first time, and I am damn sure it will not be the last! Note to self, concentrate more when speaking about what we eat to strange men!

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