Monday, 16 December 2013

Raising Chickens is So Easy!

Like many I believed that having chickens was an easy thing to do, after all you simply throw some corn at them and they produce hundreds of eggs...right? Wrong! chickens are in fact time consuming, temperamental creatures that need more attention than every other animal.

The whole point of chickens is to lay eggs and while they are we all love them, however, this period of producing eggs is very small. Regardless of their living conditions, how many hours you spend making sure the are pampered, if they do not want to lay you get NADA!

There comes a point when you have to be realistic and understand that chickens have a short laying life, which means very soon they have to be culled. Older chickens need to go and be replaced with younger laying birds. if you cannot handle this thought, move away from the chicken farming.

Chickens are like vampires, they suck every last ounce of energy and time from your life. The hours you have to apply to your chickens is incredible, and often for very little return. There are no short cuts with chickens, and no days off, which can be a struggle. leaving chickens alone for more than a few hours can lead to a full apocalypse.

If you live in an area where he weather conditions are harsh, you will have even more issues. For example.......eleven inches of foot of snow! doesn't take a genius to work out there are problems. Chickens hate everything, snow, rain, sun, people, animals, tress, leaves, etc etc etc and all of this affects their laying.

So, you need to ask yourself why you have chickens is it to dress them in little knitted jumpers and put photos on FB, or is it to make a profit. If it is the later, you need to remain level headed, and understand how to raise profitable chickens. If you don't then you will go slowly insane as the chickens take over your life!

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