Monday, 2 December 2013

Late This Year

We have waited and waited and waited and waited, but no rain has arrived, however, you can guarantee that the moment I need to do stuff the sky opens, and it pours. I need to sort out the huge piles of nothing that are accumulating, and this involves lifting and shifting. Both of these activities, I do not want to do in the rain.

So, I sat and watched the rain, and I waited for it to stop but it didn't, the dogs got muddy, the cats were unimpressed, but it kept coming. We had our Internet technician here to fix a problem, and I chuckled as he had to climb up the mountain in the rain, oh revenge is sweet! (long story, but he deserved it)

It rained all day, and as I melt in the rain, in a very similar way to the witch off Wizard of Oz, I remained indoors. Jobs were put off and I drank coffee, so not an entirely wasted day! The barranco has not yet flooded, but if the rain continues today it is likely to!

Although we need the rain, and it is refreshing to see, I am deep in thought about the huge numbers of people that are currently living in tents and caves around the area. The crisis continues, and people are struggling to meet the demands of their bills. This leading to them losing their homes, and taking cover wherever they can.

So enough rain now, you can stop thanks, and let everything dry up, and allow me to move the stuff I need to thanks!

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