Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Storm Hit!

We were threatened a storm, like nothing the Canaries had ever seen before, the islands went from calm to panic in seconds. Twitter lit up with claims of schools being closed for months, electricity being turned off for our safety. The islands were put on red alert, the schools closed, and the people looked worried.

The problem is we have heard these warnings at least 42 times this year alone! Where I come from rain is normal, rain is not something that you close schools for, as the kids would simply never go. Why do the Canarians panic, why does the whole infrastructure break down.

So, with the kids at home in the blue skies, and mild weather I pondered where the storm was. If by magic Facebook lit up with status's of rain, and dramatic statements of  OMG the storm is here" still I waited, but followed the panic across FB.

With my daughter giving us second by second tweet updates as they came in, I soon got bored. One minute the schools are going to remain closed, the next they are open, the next the will let everyone know at some point before the first bell was due to ring.

Still nothing, yes Tenerife got hit by a storm, but unless you all haven't noticed I live on a different island. Eventually it begun to rain.......and that was it...oh and a leaf fell of a tree. Its ok, we survived, and everyone lived to tell the tale of the worst storm in 2013!!!

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