Thursday, 6 February 2014

Digging a hole

Why does digging he duck pond fill everyone with dread, oh yeah because it is such hard work! You would imagine that digging a hole would not be that difficult, oh how wrong you would be. The problem is it is never just a hole, it starts off as the size of a lake, and ends up being the size of a puddle.

For weeks we have digging, and digging, shifting earth and swearing (ok that is just me!) The pond just never seems to get any deeper, so after 125 wheelbarrows of earth I admitted defeat and begun to fill it. The ducks were desperate for water, so much so that when we popped the hose in they leapt in, to find a dribble of water.

Even the dog was missing the pond for his daily swim, and he also decided that he would wait in the empty pond for the water. 

So we waited, and waited and waited, OMG how slow can one hose go! needless to say the hose went off, and we will attempt to fill manana! it is one more job we can tick off the "to do" list...only another 4,500 to go! 

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