Sunday, 9 February 2014

A goat, Three Dogs and a Warthog!

The guy next door is in competition with us for the number of animals he has, however, he has won for originality. We noticed the other day that he has dogs....we can hear them, goats...we can hear these too...cats...these come under the wall to be fed! None of these were strange, but when I came face to face with his warthog...I stopped in my tracks!

It was a normal day, rushing around, over tired, and trying to get 100 things done on not enough coffee. As I leapt from my car to lock the front gates, I came face to face with a warthog. Now for a split second the image of Pumba popped into my head, and I begun to search for Timon. Then I realised it was in fact a real warthog!

It stared at me, I started at it, and we both stood their puzzled not knowing what to do next. Now I remember how heavy Peppa was, and she didn't have bloody great horns sticking out of her face! Therefore, retreating to the safety of my car seemed sensible.

At this point I did begin to think where the hell had it appeared from......and then all was revealed, as it jumped up on the wall, and through next doors fence. Silly me, who doesn't have a warthog that lets itself out to see the neighbours!

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