Tuesday, 13 May 2014

OH SHIT! There is no Maternity Wing!

There are moments when it takes the penny far longer to drop, and the light bulb moment seems to take an eternity. I had been watching the chicken sat on her eggs, laughed about the fact that she laid them in a cat carrier, and watched as they begun to hatch.

We have had a calima recently, which ensured that the eggs were going to hatchin the heat. This was fine, I smugly grinned as they were captured inside a cat carrier. There was no chasing, or catching, everyone was snug as a bug in the carrier.

However, it suddenly hit me, a bit like a lightening bolt, I had no where for them to go!! I had NO maternity wing. This meant that late last night my son and I were wombling materials to make a maternity wing for mama and her 15 babies!

After much swearing and hammering we had finished, and the chicken was deposited inside her new accommodation. Lets see how long before she escapes, and I find her and her babies wandering around.

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