Tuesday, 27 May 2014

And Another.....

The day started like many others rushing around, trying to get everything done with not enough hours in the day. I needed to go to the supermarket and the DIY store. Both have no animals, so how the hell did I come home with a duck!

Only in my life it seems do you pop to the shops, and get a call from a guy with a duck in is shower. It seems I have become the woman to call when you need to get rid of your ducks. I Learnt the other day that the Spanish buy the ducks for their childrens communion photos, and when they get too big they want rid.

Some are simply let go, some are killed and others it seems are kept in the shower, until you can find some crazy lady. So armed with fence panels, shopping and a duck we begun the journey home. My daughters BF called and she explained she couldn't speak as she had a duck on her lap.

This caused no shock, no questions, a simple ok no problem...... is my life that strange that a duck in the car is just another normal day!

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