Tuesday, 20 May 2014

OMG! I am not the only crazy on the island

I don't have that many friends, and before you all rush to feel sorry for me, I do actually prefer it that way. Don't get me wrong, I know many people, but the ones I consider friends are limited. They say people come into your life for a reason, and this is very true.

I met a lady three years ago, who I was extremely jealous of, she had found her piece of paradise, and was happy. Over the years we had kept in contact, sent the odd message and spoke briefly. I watched as her life developed, took turns, not always for the better, and still thought she had the life I craved. 

We have one main connection, other than both living up a mountain, and leading hectic lives. The unicorn has brought us back together, and yesterday Mrs L took a few hours out of her life and visited. It was lovely to see her, and even nicer to be able to chat about life, all of the craziness, and not get those strange looks that are so common. 

The simple way to put it is that "She just gets it" I don't have to try and be something that I am not, I can speak about fleas, and horse shit, without a strange look. Even my other friends don't really understand, everyone calls me crazy, yet I see my life as normal. 

So as Mrs L and I sat and drank coffee in my goat shed discussing all those topics you would never dare of speaking about with fraggles, there was a sense of calm. No pretending, no half truths to make sure you do not offend, but a chat about our lives. The biggest debate of the day was are we crazy, or are the the fraggles crazy....who is to say that what I do is not normal.

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