Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Operation Vaseline!

My life is so rock and roll, I mean who else on a wednesday night would be telling her to kids to grab the vaseline, ring the boyfriend, and prepare the surgical gloves! Don't worry I have not lost the plot completely, my chickens have fleas!

When i say fleas, I mean horrible, nasty stick tight fleas that make my life hell, but due to the nature of them free ranging, chemicals are not an option. Therefore, the biggest pot of vaseline in history was the solution, but catching 150 chickens and vaselining their heads is never an easy task.

I asked my daughter to call her boyfriend (sorry not her boyfriend...they are just "friends" MY ARSE) to help with this task. In all fairness when he agreed he thought he was just catching chickens, not that there was vaseline and surgical gloves involved....welcome to the family!

So, operation vaseline began, and OMG what a messy horrible job, but after a few hours we were done! As everyone looked thankful, I cheerily said "same time next week" they did not share my enthusiasm, I have no idea why!

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