Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Well Ran Dry!

Ok, we don't have a well, however, we do have water tanks and when they run dry there are problems. When I go to the tap I expect water to come out, is this too much to ask? It seems when you live on a small island this is a massive request that is often not fulfilled.

We have tanks for the house, but they are not full as our pumps are broken, so we have been taking the water directly from the street. Yes, this is how normal people get their water. However, when you live where we do, nothing is normal, and a system of different pipes and tanks are needed.

When I realised we had no water yesterday, it was the hottest day of the year, and I was mid watering every animal. I messaged the guy next door, and he flippantly replied "the water is off, use your tanks" I answered with "can't pumps broken" his response, I told you to fill them, oh well, good luck!"

Well, that was as much use as a chocolate, there is me no water, many animals, and my mood rapidly going down hill.  Only I can manage to use every single swear word in one sentence!

Eventually we found out that the tank for the whole area was empty, how the hell did they not notice it was getting low! Another phone call later, with much drama, and exaggerated statements of my animals will die, and still he said " told you to fill your tanks.

Stupid, stupid man, as I pointed out I may not have filled my tanks, but neither did the president of the whole area, which has resulted in me not having any water! So, a stinky long night with no water, thankfully it seems I have water this morning.

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