Sunday, 25 May 2014

Warning He Bites!

The unicorn has settled into life here, and is showing that he really appreciates everything by biting the hand that feeds him! When I rescue animals they often show appreciation, they are grateful for the life that you have given them. However, the unicorn is proving he is very different, and even broke my finger so show how much he cares.

Magic is a biter, he bites everything from people to animals to objects, but everything has to go in his mouth. He picks up brooms, buckets, barrels, and the headcollar has to go in his mouth at least 15 times before he allows you to put it on.

When people come to see the unicorn, I do warn them that he is a biter, but still they approach with great enthusiasm, until he shows his teeth. He bit me once when he first arrived on the back of the arm, and since then I have learnt how far his neck will stretch.

Therefore, some would say that it was my own fault the other day when putting his saddle on, I reached round to pat his neck and he took this amazing opportunity to grab. With my finger tightly in his mouth, all I could think was please don't take the finger with you.

I heard he crunch, and I looked at him with pain rather than anger as he released my finger. At this point with blood running down my hand, and the urge to throw up sweeping across me, I did what anyone would do. I carried on, took the saddle off, made sure he was ok, and then walked away swearing at the top of my lungs.

I looked and thankfully I still had a finger, PHEW! then I grabbed painkillers and some vodka, for medicinal purposes you will understand. He had broken the top of my finger, could have been a lot worse, but OMG it hurts! There is nothing worse than a small injury that hurts like hell and stops you doing things.

So be warned, if you visit the Unicron bites!

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