Monday, 21 January 2013

A couple of deaths

Amongst the chaos of last week, we had a chicken and a rooster die, both had been attacked, which is starting to p**s me off now! I have enough to deal with on a daily basis  without having to worry about what the stupid woman across the road is doing with her dog. The problem is her argument is that my chickens shouldn't be in the barranco, my argument is that she is an inbred and should control her dog.

On paper both arguments look weak, however, my chickens do not rush over to her house at every opportunity, and cause damage and death. The other problem is that no one has actually seen her dog, which could mean that there is the smallest chance it is not her dog causing the damage. However, until further notice, it is her dog, and I will seek revenge.

My chickens are a pain, but I wouldn't want to wish a dog attack on any of them, even the ones that really p**s me off. So, my daily task of attempting to keep the chickens in the POW camp continues, whilst I plot how to hurt both the dog and it's owner! Both tasks are slow work, but I am determined that I will achieve my goal.

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