Sunday, 20 January 2013

People never cease to amaze me...

I am used to receiving strange messages from people, and even the odd request, often regarding animals, fruit, or simply because they know I will answer as oddly back. One of my closest friends Mrs S has an ability of messaging me, through the night with strange questions, or simply to show she cares by waking me up to share something funny!

However, I was not expecting the message I got last week, my phone went off as usual, and saw it was her picked it up to see "fancy a goat?" now she has predictive text so this short message could have in fact meant a number of things. As I pondered what it meant, I simply answered "couldn't eat a whole one!"

This lead to a bizarre conversation where it appears that she did mean a goat, and not to eat. It seems a fraggle had done it again, and reached an all time level of stupidity. A friend of Mrs S had been asked to feed a friends "pet" whilst she was away, which she had agreed to, however, she got the shock of her life when she realised it was a goat!

Yes, a goat in a kitchen, in an apartment, in the middle of  a holiday resort! Now hopefully at this point you were like me and thinking what the hell has she got a goat for in her kitchen. If you think this is in fact normal, please join the crazies in the other corner. So, a conversation was had about would I have the goat, as the landlord wasn't too happy, errrrrr I wonder why?

So, Rico arrived yesterday, on a collar and lead, yes you read right, she turned up with the goat on a collar. There was no doubt in mind that this lady was slightly crazy, and after she inspected where Rico would be living, and asking if he would be happy here, I no longer feel I am crazy! Rico has been spoilt  to the point that I don't think he knows he is a goat, well in fact we think he is a cow! Now there is a thought did she go out to get a goat but came back with a cow, hmmmm

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