Monday, 7 January 2013

What will 2013 bring...

Someone asked me the other day if I was making any resolutions for 2013, and to be honest I'm not as I think they are pointless. However, I have decided to make a dreamer list for this year, to focus on what we need to achieve, and see if we can manage it throughout the year. Finances will always play a huge part in what actually is achieved, so who knows what this year will bring.

Looking back on 2012 we had some hopes and ideas of what we wanted to manage, some were a success, and others epic fails. However, on the whole we achieved a lot, and leant so much more. Our list for 2012 was:

Have a successful flock of chickens to lay eggs and make money....this seems to be finally working, once we got through the molt, stress, and diva moments from our chickens.

Have ducks and produce ducklings.....well we have the ducks, but alas a fail on the ducklings, I will be adding that to the list for 2013.

Have goats and produce at least one baby goat...well we have the goats, but no baby who knows if one will appear in 2013.

Raise a piglet and butcher...this we did, learnt so much and we are pleased that we did it, but no more pigs for us.

Buy a bigger more suitable car...thank god we achieved this as going to the feedstore with a small car was un-practical, and expensive as 7 trips a week was crazy.

Keep the chickens in the orchard.....epic fail, as no matter what we do they escape, part of me has given up, but I'm sure we will try again in 2013.

Breed rabbits...epic fail, no matter what we do there are no baby bunnies, I am at a loss what to do with this one, I might just make a pie!

Have more fruit in the crates to sell than on the floor....this I am proud of as we were new to the whole harvesting fruit thing, and on the whole we sold a huge amount.

Grow vegetables...epic fail as everything I plant dies, or is eaten, I am determined in 2013 to achieve this and grow something successfully.

We hope that this year will allow us to get better at what we do, and if not oh well there is always 2014!

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