Saturday, 26 January 2013

We have babies!

Expecting the baby bunnies in a few days I thought nothing of it when I wandered past the rabbits yesterday to see Miss Thunderpussy laid in the sun without a care in the world. However, as I got closer she got up and ran to her nesting box, and excitedly jumped in and out, as if wanting to show me something. I crouched down and could see nothing, however, in all honestly I had no idea what I was in fact looking for.

As I went to move away the straw/fur pile that she had created begun to move, and there was definatly something in there. Now either something had moved in to her box and was quite happily living in her fur, or she had given birth. I sat and watched the straw breathing for a few moments, before rushing off to Google.

Now, everyone had said DO NOT TOUCH so, I had left them alone, but as I Googled more and more, it seems that you need to touch to check they are all alive! So, decisions do I touch, or do I leave well alone. Armed with lettuce I decided to see how the new mum felt about me being in their with her, and to be honest like everything else in Casa Chaos, she was far more interested in the lettuce than me.

So, I gently removed the front of the box, and moved the fur back to reveal the strangest little creatures. I had never seen baby bunnies, so had no idea what to expect, but they were odd, all naked, and wriggling, but cute in a strange sort of way. I had a quick poke around, and think there is 6 or 7, but with just lots of legs everywhere who knows.

Placing the nesting box front back on, I left mum and babies, and have decided that I will check everyday as my fear now is keeping them alive, and out of the jaws of rats! I am hoping that Miss Thunderpussy will defend her babies, and that she is  a good mum. So far so good though!

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