Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Not my goat!

Jack and Jill getting out is  a daily occurance, and they can often be seen up the mountain, munching away at whatever they munch away at, enjoying life. I have given up putting them back a sthe moment I do they appear in front of me, thinking that it is a game. I have even left the gate open which confuses them, as they stand there staring at you not knowing what to do.

I may refuse to chase my own goats now, but it seems that doesn't stop me chasing other peoples, as I discovered yesterday. We were having afternoon coffee, which sounds rather pleasant, what it usually involves is us collapsed on the sofa, watching crap on the TV for at least 15 minutes. However, yesterday our peace was shattered.

We heard a rustling in the tree below the window, now this could be a cat, chicken, duck or goat, so I wasn't that bothered. Hubby decided to get up to look, and shouted "the goat is in the barranco" now this caused alarm as they could easily hop onto the road and cause chaos. Therefore, we ran, he ran in one direction to the barranco, and I ran to the feed room for corn.

I know my goats, they love food, and there would be no way to tempt them back to casa chaos without food. Off we went in search of the goats, now Jack and Jill go everywhere together, so it surprised me when hubby said there was one goat, a brown one. However, off we went in search of the goat, and up ahead was a brown goat, every time we got closer it ran off, which was also strange.

I was determined to catch Jill and though her behaviour was very odd, but who am I to question goat logic! I finally caught up with the goat, to discover that it wasn't even our bloody goat, so I shouted at hubby, "did you not realise this was not our goat" for him to reply " its a goat, its brown, how the hell was I to know what our goat looked like"

Off I stomped back up the barranco to the house, to discover jack and Jill stood in the drive staring at me puzzled why I had gone off with their corn! Men, why can they not pay more attention to what the goat looks like, as it could have saved me time and effort, and my coffee was now cold! but, I did ponder, whose goat was it, and is it like the chickens that seem to be joining our mad world.

As hubby joined me on the drive, he flippantly commented, "oh no that goat doesn't look anything like our goat does it"!

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