Sunday, 27 January 2013

Billy is a girl!

I know my duck knowledge is not good, however, neither was the duck "expert" that we bought the ducks from, as we can now confirm that Billy is defiantly a girl. Billy had begun to spend less time with the other ducks, and kept wandering off, which led me to believe that he/she had eggs. The problem was where, as there is a lot of land for a duck to explore.

We spent one evening searching but no luck, and I knew that Billy couldn't be far, but just couldn't find him. Billy had been missing the whole day, and when he/she appeared for food, operation stalk duck had to commence. We all loitered around the pond, pretending to tidy, faff and generally loiter as Billy seemed to know what we were up to.

After what seemed like an eternity, Billy made his move, and slowly begun to wander off, towards the compost heap. From there he went round the back, down the slope, and into a nicely made Billy sized hole in a pile of sticks and bushes. The hole was completely full of white feathers, a she had made a perfect nest for his eggs. Oh yes we had eggs!

As I sat on the bank, staring in disbelief Billy happily chirped as ducks do when they are pleased to see you, and thought how did we miss this nest! Billy knows that he needs to stay on his/her eggs, and is happily there all the time now. The problems will begin if both him and Lucy hatch their eggs, as that is a lot of ducklings, crispy duck anyone?

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