Friday, 4 January 2013

My husband needs a medal

I have an incredibly understanding husband, who simply shrugs at many things that happen here in casa chaos, however, yesterday he did question the madness. He is used to the shouting, chasing, arguing, and generally noise level. He is used to the insane animals that never do as they are told, and the odd dietary needs of everything here. He is used to being asked to make unusual objects, feeders, bunny boxes, goat houses and he does all of this without question.

I think hubby copes incredibly well, and is a saint to put up with everything that happens here on a daily basis. Like the rest of us he has resolved himself to the fact that this is our hectic life, and he also gets to escape every day as he goes to work. However, I think the goats pushed him over the edge yesterday and he questioned something, which is incredibly unusual.

Jack and Jill continue to escape and I'm sure they do it as a game now, rather than to actually escape, but the cries of "goats out" seems to be happening at least 400 times a day. I am to the point with the goats of "WHATEVER" as I refuse to get up and out every time they find a new place to get out. This appears to have confused the goats as they stand and stare at the house as if to question why we aren't calling and chasing them.

This is what pushed hubby to ask the question yesterday..."Why are the goats standing on our terrace?" I stopped for  a moment and thought, "Why is he asking this question?" the goats standing on the terrace, or on the wall beside the terrace is perfectly normal to me. However, hubby pointed out that normal families do not have goats on the terrace, and as I pointed out we are far from normal. In fact we are the complete opposite, and if goats on my terrace is all I have to worry about today..its a bloody good day in my opinion!

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