Thursday, 24 January 2013

We are pregnant

Well either Miss Thunderpussy is pregnant, or she has eaten far too much rabbit food, and needs to shed some pounds. This event has been a long time coming, as we have had her since July, and nothing has happened. The statement of rabbits breed constantly is untrue here, as she took six months to get going, but it looks like she is finally ready to pop.

Like any expectant mother she spends many hours laid in the sunshine, doing nothing, and it has become an effort to hop around. As I watch her carrying her huge belly to her food and water, she has the look of any expectant mother, of "get these out of me, I have had enough"

At present she is still allowing people to stroke her, but I keep telling the kids do not touch, as I have read so many horror stories of bunnies eating their young if people get involved. Rabbit cannibalism is a step too far in my mind, so we are trying to leave her to it, and wait. Up until yesterday I was still pondering if she was just fat, but then we saw in her nesting box.

In one corner was a huge amount of fur, again, another strange thing that rabbits do is to pull out their own fur to make a nest! Animals are the strangest things, but hey who am I to question rabbit logic, so, we have the fur nest, the overweight bunny, and the male rabbit pacing up and down on the other side. Everything is set, so now we wait for babies, I Googled (yes, I know that is a shock) and it says from nest making to labour is two days eeeekkkkk not long now then!

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