Saturday, 19 January 2013

Just leave me a alone!

I am so sorry for no blog this week, however, I have been ill, and I am no talking a bit of a sniffle, and a cough ill. Without sharing every horrible episode this week, I have spent a huge proportion of my week in the toilet, and the other time has been spent in bed. In fact, I have spent more time in bed this week than when I had my children.

Now being ill in a normal house is bad enough, but being ill in casa chaos is a disaster, as everything does not appreciate that you are in fact ill. The animals do not care that you cannot move, or do not want them sniffing, licking, laying, cuddling you at every opportunity. I have spent a stressful week throwing animals off of me, and shouting "leave me alone"

The other problem with being ill, and having animals is that they cannot head for the fridge and help themselves, which means they all still need food, water, and checking. The kids have done their best, however, as I have struggled to the car every morning to do the long and painful school run, I have grimaced at the state of casa chaos. The fact that tidy is NOT my daughters middle name has become even more apparent.

Loads has happened this week including dead animals, more feral chicks, billy wandering off, and a new arrival, but don't worry I will update you now I am back up vertical and feeling like a human being. Thanks for the emails wondering where I was, it does prove that people do read my mad ramblings, and even care :)

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