Monday, 28 January 2013

They are still alive!

I have probably jinxed it now, but the bunnies are still alive! I would like to think this had something to do with me, however, Miss Thunderpussy is an excellent mum. I do check on the bunnies every day just to ensure that they are still there, and at the moment we have them all, alive and kicking.

Rabbits are strange creatures, as they spend no time with their babies at all, and miss Thunderpussy is often seen sunbathing. However, this it seems is normal, and nothing to be concerned about, I bet there are several mothers that wish they could do the same.

Baby bunnies are ugly, there is no other word to describe them, as they have no fur, and look strange! We appear to have one bright pink one, and several black ones, which ponders the question what colour the pink one will be, but time will tell.

The debate about whether to keep them has begun, and it is a definite NO, the babies were always destined for a Spanish guy, and they need to make us money! So, for the moment I am keeping a close eye on our investment, and ensuring that they stay alive and healthy.

1 comment:

  1. The pink one will likely be white unless it is an orangish pink. then it might be orange.

    If they've made it this long, they have a real good chance of making it.

    They get much cuter very quickly:-)