Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bloody maggots again!

I love animals, nearly all of them, I do draw the line at spiders, some bugs, oh and dogs that attack my chickens. Yes, Honeybun has been attacked by the neighbours dog again, so operation pick out maggots is happening. Ok, I know my chicken is wandering in the barranco, but come on control your dog! How would she like it if I went over ripped open her dogs neck, and left it to die whilst being eaten alive by maggots.

Some people really p**s me off, well in fact many people p**s me off, but she is reaching an all time high at the moment. Not only is she on a par with nosey lady, she has no respect for my animals, property or privacy. In fact we have just erected a new fence to stop her staring in at the animals, trees, and generally what everyone is doing. She is one of these annoying people that pretend to walk their dog past, really slowly, so she can take notes about the happenings of casa chaos.

Anyway I am rambling this morning, back to the chicken, and the maggots, oh how I have missed you NOT! so, we have a chicken back in the bathroom, the only problem is we also have some pups in the bathroom, god our bathroom is well used! before you all say what about the hospital wing, well AL is still in there, and she cannot be out in the open due to flies, laying eggs which produce maggots!

So, we spend an hour extracting maggots with hubby helpfully telling me to "wring her neck" but I rescued her from the last attack, I will do the same again. I am currently plotting revenge on the dog that attacked Honeybun, in fact, I might just seek revenge on the owner, far better idea!

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