Monday, 7 January 2013

Building new nesting boxes

My poor husband dreads getting out of bed for the fear of what I am going to ask him to make/build next and Sunday was no different. Sunday has become our fixing/building day, well when I say our I mean his with me giving unhelpful instructions. All week we rush around and step over broken things, so when it comes to Sunday it all needs sorting out. The "To Do" list continues to grow, with more and more being added daily.

The nesting boxes were causing me a headache, as the chickens had been kung foo fighting in them and smashed the front and one of the sides. This had caused them to refuse to lay in them, and were all trying to cram into a small barrel that I had placed on the floor. Therefore, these were priority, however, when I mentioned this to hubby the response was rather unhelpful.

He could not see the reasoning behind demolishing the nesting boxes and building smaller, cosier ones, and a huge debate occurred in the coop regarding the nesting boxes. I am used to getting what I want, therefore when he questions this and tries to reason on the side of logic I hate it, and usually sulk. I explained that I wanted smaller boxes, so they would feel cosier, which he laughed at.

I however, won the debate when I pointed out if he did not build me new boxes, I would put curtains on the front, with little ribbons. I had no intention of doing so, but I knew this would work, we have been married far too long, so, I know exactly how to win. Off he went to build the new boxes, muttering how all chicken owners were crazy!

The boxes as always were fantastic, and the chickens loved them, so big pat on back to hubby, one item can be crossed off the to do list, now on to the 254 other things. I have asked him to take a week off work, you may think that I have romantic plans of holidays, but alas I just need him to fix everything!

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