Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Jack is now rather large, and several of his body parts are also large including his horns! which means that if you come into contact with them, you will regret it very quickly. Being in the goat pen has never been an issue before, however, lately Jack has taken play time to the next level, and fails to realise that the rest of us do not own bloody great horns.

Once again I Googled, and it seems that Jack is attempting to show his assertiveness, by head butting people to see who will fight back and defeat him. The problem is without horns and a thick skull like his, this can be difficult. Jack had not been a problem, only to my daughter, and we told her that was because he didn't like her very much!

However, I was in there the other day, and Jack decided to perform his death move, which is when he hooks his horn behind your leg and pulls. This was not amusing, and caused me to want to kick him in the head, don't worry I didn't (only because I couldn't lift my leg that high!) So off to Goggle I went to find a solution that wouldnt cause jack to be booted.

Google suggested that water was the answer, as goats don't like being sprayed in the face, this sounded like a plan, and I needed a water pistol. However, before I could get to the shop to purchase one I had to go back into the goat pen, Jack approached head down ready to strike, unfortunately for him I was stood next to the water bucket. Jack received the full contents over his head, which might have been excessive but he retreated, round one to Mummy.

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