Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Things that go bump in the night!

When it gets dark here in casa chaos there is often a sense of calm as everything goes to sleep, and you can hear nothing. This means that when something does happen, you can hear it for miles, and the whole neighbourhood learns that something is going on in the crazy finca. When there is a commotion, I am often woken, and lay there for a few minutes thinking, "God do I have to move"

This happened the other night, it was peaceful, I was asleep and all of a sudden the chickens started making a huge noise. One chicken had obviously been scared by something, and alerted the other 65 to the impending danger. The problem is with chickens this danger can be anything, which is why I am often reluctant to move, and go and investigate.

So, as I laid there listening to the chickens making a huge noise, which didn't appear to be getting any quieter, I considered what could have upset them this time. Other people are concerned with predators, however, the rats are the largest thing we have, and I wasn't going to get up and go down there for a rat!

Times like these I wish hubby didn't work nights, as a quick dig in the ribs and a grumble, would have sent him on his way to go and look. However, I had to make the decision, do I get out of my nice warm bed, struggle to find clothes, a torch and some boots, venture into the dark, which as you know I am REALLY not good with. To trudge around an orchard searching for the scary thing that the chickens have decided they do not like....errr hell no, I stayed in my nice warm bed.

There was logic to my decision, if it was a rat there was nothing I could do, if it was a chicken simply having a diva fit, there was nothing I could do, and if the scary object was larger than a rat, why on earth would I want to be in the orchard, in the dark with this object that could potentially kill me! Therefore, I rolled over, pulled the duvet higher, and went back to sleep...I know bad farmer I am!

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