Thursday, 3 January 2013

And still she sits....

Thank god Lucy is more patient than me, as I am so bored of the whole waiting for duckling thing as I have the attention span of a gnat. However, she continues to dutifully sit on her eggs, leave for short periods of time, return and sit on her eggs. Now she either knows something we don't or she just enjoys sitting for long periods of time.

In my feeble attempt to understand why she is still sat there I Googled, I spent a long time Googling yesterday, and it seems that she will not sit there unless the eggs are viable, so she must know something we don't. However, I was still curious to discover why they are taking so long, and every website recommended candling the eggs.

Now quite frankly I am crap at candling eggs, and can never see anything, a bit like those pictures that the psychiatrists use to determine whether you are mad, I always say the wrong thing! However, i was determined to give it another attempt. So, off I wandered to the duck house with a torch and a candle and some small amount of hope that it would work.

Lucy was sat happily on her eggs, so I perched in the door way and gently took an egg, whilst balancing in the doorway. I realised that this position just wasn't going to work, so I slowly got in the duck house, now this would not be an issue, but I am rather tall, and the duck house is rather small. Which lead to me looking like a contortionist, attempting to squeeze myself into a very small box.

As I sat in the smelly straw with Lucy staring at me in a strange way I realised that I still couldn't see anything in the eggs, and that I should really just be more patient. Yeah like that is going to happen!

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