Thursday, 31 January 2013

Returning with animals

My son has an ability of finding things which can become a chore, when it is yet another stick, which apparently makes a fantastic gun. It is such a pity that he has not found a big bag of money, but he continues to search. The other problem is that he chooses completely the wrong moments to find things, typically when I am trying to leave the house.

Getting my son to school is one of those frantic times of the day, when nothing ever goes right, and there are at least five occasions when I have to stop and move away from the car. Yesterday was no different, with one eye on the clock, and car keys in hand I was attempting to leave, as the drive has to be timed to perfection or we will be late.

Not only do I have to beat the other Mum's who drive far slower than me, the school bus, cyclists, dead animals on the road, and quite often tourists who are blatantly lost in the wilderness, once I reach the local town the traffic is a nightmare. All of these reasons mean I have to leave on time or my mood rapidly goes down hill.

I managed to be in the car, engine on, moving towards the gates, when I heard "Mummmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee" which my son has perfected. I attempted to ignore him and wave, but this did not work very well, as he then proceeded to jump up and down in the drive, arms waving, very much in a panic pose. I drove towards the gates to see him leap over the wall, shouting "the cat has got a baby bunny" at that point I stopped the car and jumped out.

OMG, I thought the cat had one of our bunnies, now I love my cats but that is a step too far, but then he shouted "its running away", which meant that it couldn't be our rabbits as they are wriggling, defiantly not running, so what the hell was he chasing. As I stood there, looking at my watch thinking of shit I'm now very late, he returned with a rabbit.

Looking extremely pleased with himself he asked to keep the rabbit, which of course was a no as it was a wild rabbit, however, I knew I needed to leave, so I told him to put it in the rabbit hutch, and I would deal with it later. 10 minutes late, in the car we then had the typical debate, "why can't we keep it" what should we name it" I was adamant all the way there that this rabbit was not staying, needless to say it is still here, enjoying the straw, water, and food that it has now been given!

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