Friday, 4 January 2013

Lucy made the decision

After the huge debate the other day about the eggs, and what we should do with them, Lucy made the decision yesterday. In my heart I knew the eggs were no longer viable, which meant that they had died, and needed to be disposed of. However, this is never an easy decision as there may be a small chance that I was wrong.

The eggs were cold, and Lucy had begun to lose interest, but she she was sitting sitting on them, until yesterday when she got off the eggs as she always did, but did not return. I waited the whole day and Lucy showed no interest in the eggs, in fact she was quite happily laid by the pond enjoying the sun. At this point I knew that she had made her decision and that the eggs were gone.

Although this was upsetting, as we had hoped for ducklings, a lot had been learnt, and hopefully next time the same mistakes would not be made. I am hoping to encourage Lucy to lay her eggs in the extension, rather than the doorway to the duck house which will solve one of the biggest issues.

I have learnt that Jessica/Justin the psycho duck must be separated as soon as Lucy sits on her eggs, and that Lucy knows best. Who knows why they didn't hatch, who knows if she will ever sit on eggs again, all we can do is take one day at a time and learn by our mistakes!

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